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Last updated:
18th October 2010

The Growlers
We can't help feeling that they should get out more...

picture of bassoon  

picture of contrabassoon  

Normally hidden deep within the orchestra, these bass instruments are thrilled to have an occasional chance to let their voices be heard.

They are quirky and full of personality, seldom missing the opportunity to get the better of their unfortunate players!

They are interesting to look at too - but don't tell them as they are conceited enough.

Definitely not something that you can experience every day.

The Growlers’ first concert appearance at Heriot-Watt University arose out of a slight misunderstanding.

At a rehearsal of the University orchestra, Sinfonia Excelsior, one player suggested that it would be fun to ‘do some stuff’ with just these three bass instruments.

The others interpreted this as meaning ‘let’s put on a concert’. They were a little surprised - but embarked upon a search for suitable
.  In due course, there was a concert...

Picture of bass clarinet  

bass clarinet

The Growlers' light-hearted Hallowe'en-themed concert 'Instruments of Darkness' held at Errol was one of their highlights of 2009.

The audience was suitably bewitched - to the tune of four encores!

Unfortunately, plans to hold a similar event around Hallowe'en 2010 had to be shelved because of illness in the family of one of the players.  However, we hope to be back in action soon.

The Growlers are also looking forward to giving the first performance of Ramsay Kay's Growlers Revisited which, as the title implies, was written especially for the trio.

Trio dressed as witches

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